Develop a marketing strategy designed to attract African American women to Hair Cuttery

The Opportunity

To deeply understand the hair care needs and desires of the African American community

The Strategy

Support African American women embracing their self-expression

The Situation

Hair Cuttery markets itself as inclusive to all races and hair types. However, its services and products reflect a one-size-fits-all ideology. Hair Cuttery has the opportunity to offer a variety of services and techniques that meet the customer where they are.

What We Did


One-on-one interviews with Hair Cuttery stylists, independent stylists, and a variety of customers in our target demographic

Hair Cuttery store visits

Competitive Analysis

Mintel Target Research


For African American women, a hair style reflects far more than what meets the eye. Hair can be representative of personal style, self-expression or even political intention.

Many interviewed respondents in our target demographic shared that the trust between a stylist and client leads to profound relationship building. In our interviews, we heard stories of barber shop conversations that created communal places for black communities.

Focusing on services that will minimize hair breakage demonstrates respect and value of a myriad of hair textures and customer preferences.


  1. Select Hair Cuttery leadership and store representatives to attend Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show to learn from and network with a diverse group of hair professionals.

  2. Offer additional continuing education courses that cater to a wider variety of hair textures to ensure hair stylists are trained and comfortable in a diverse array of styles.

  3. Update Hair Cuttery website with copy that appropriately reflects diverse clientele, guided by Is/Isn’t list.

  4. Update Hair Cuttery in-store signage and external marketing materials to be reflective of more diverse hairstyles and textures.

Medium Term Recommendations

  1. Create a branded hair care guide for textured hair as a free resource for current and/or prospective clientele.

  2. Add free 30-minute informational appointments to Hair Cuttery service offerings to educate and build trust with prospective clients.

  3. Create an online stylist portfolio for each Hair Cuttery store to show a range of styles, colors and cuts done by stylists at that specific location.

Long Term Recommendations

  1. Redesign Hair Cuttery stores to be more communal and open.

  2. Create Hair Cuttery social media live stream tutorials to highlight different Hair Cuttery stylists as they bring the banded guide to life.

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Business of Branding


Funmi Adejobi (Copywriting)

Claire Baffoe (Art Director)

Treasure Brown (User Experience)

Annie Maddox (Creative Brand Management)

Nate Sauber (Copywriting)

Haley Schrenk (Art Director)

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