The Ask

Dissect the alternative health category for Care/of and identify consumer segments

The problem

Ask five different people what alternative health is and you’ll get five different answers

The Result

Develop product recommendations for Care/of based on each segment identified

The Situation

Alternative health is a vast category. A search on Amazon for “vitamins, minerals, herbs” returns more than 5,000 results. has nearly 1000 vitamin and supplement options. That doesn’t even include massage, reiki, acupuncture, Tai Chi, and the seemingly endless variety of other alternative health methods. More consumers (54% of adults) prefer more natural and holistic approaches to healthcare and we wanted to understand why to inform Care/of, a young company that creates personalized vitamin packs.

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What We did

Desk Research

2 Focus Groups

90-Question Mindset Survey

Data Analysis

Category Segmentation

What We Learned

Consumers are taking charge of their well-being. They are doing this by prioritizing self-care to offset or avoid unnecessary health-related costs. Brands should promote self-care as a permissible and important tool.

Personalization is priority. Our audience defines wellness as holistic, encompassing more than merely exercise and nutrition. They prioritize a variety of personalized services based on health needs.

Rising healthcare costs creates opportunity for disruptors. The uncertainty and expense of health care has set the stage for disruption within the industry, clearing space for companies like Care/of. As health care costs increase, consumers seek self-treating, lower cost methods to offset expenses.

Based on our focus group and quantitative research, four clear segments emerged:

Based on our findings, we proposed the following recommendations:

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Account Planning


Brianne Johnson (Strategy)

Elyse Jolley (Strategy)

Jill Salzman (Strategy)

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